Monday, June 04, 2007

Brandywine School District referendum today

Do you live here (map from .pdf here)?
Then I exhort you to exercise your franchise today and go vote at one of the following places today between noon and 9pm. I also suggest you vote no because -

But you should vote your conscience, and definitely vote.

Places to Vote (more information here):

Brandywine High School
Brandywine School District Office
Bush School
Carrcroft Elementary
Church of our Savior
Claymont Elementary School
Concord High School
Darley Road Elementary School
Forwood Elementary School
Girls Inc. Kiwanis Branch
Hanby Middle School
Lancashire Elementary School
Lombardy Elementary School
Maple Lane Elementary School
Mount Pleasant Elementary School
Mount Pleasant High School
P. S. duPont Elementary School
Springer Middle School
Talley Middle School

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