Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Amtrak to DC - 'flying' on the Acela

I would say that I wonder why more people don't take the train instead of driving or flying, but I know the answer. It is cost and convenience. In the train's favor, It will only take me an hour and twenty minutes to get from Wilmington to DC on the train but driving it would take maybe 2.5 or 3, if I were lucky. The drawback is cost and I won't have a car when I get there. I am only going to the baseball game so I can take public transit, though I am meeting a friend with a car for the ride home.

The plus is that I can read or blog instead of paying attention to the road. Too bad it costs so much. I am going to vote for the guys who will save Amtrak.

One other interesting aspect of train travel is that the view out the window, especially on the Northeast Corridor, tends to be the back of things and the bad parts of town. There is usually some good graffiti too. There are also some pretty parts, like this shot of the Susquehanna river.

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