Sunday, May 13, 2007

Would you ever have this license plate in Delaware?

I encountered this ASTRAZ license plate while driving around in northern Delaware. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, ASTRAZ obviously stands for Astra Zeneca, an international pharmaceutical company with its world headquarters in Wilmington.

Unless you are the CEO, wouldn't you avoid this license plate? I don't think it was the CEO driving around in a soccer mom van that has seen better days. It would be like having DUPONT as your personal plate in this state.

Let me give some examples for the out of staters. Would you have a GM personalized plate in Detroit? PNG in Cincinnati (P&G is Proctor and Gamble headquartered there)? How about a MSOFT plate or BOEING plate in Seattle.

Seems to me that while company loyalty is great, some personalized plates are almost community property and it is a little presumptious or sycophantic to use them.

Am I just being to critical?

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Steve No_ said...

Yeah, there's totally a HALL(mark) plate or two around Kansas City. If you talk about that anyhow, no demerits for putting it on your plates. No room on plates for infixes though; poor Sam Jackson.
Then again...

And I reealy like the locale sticker some bumper sticker company has (whose main yellow ribbon says 'I support more troops than you do,') OMGRTFMYGDF or somesuch. natch. So yes, people still have egos enduring in public.