Friday, May 18, 2007

Cyano-kicking donkey derived from "copyrighted" Smithsonian pix

BoingBoing can usually be counted on to get up in arms about overly zealous copyrighting or copyrighting material that might not be. It seems that the Smithsonian institute has some questionable copyright language about pictures on their site which may be government works and thus not subject to copyright.

I can't believe they didn't do the first thing I would do with the kicking donkey sequence from the Edward Muybridge cyanotypes, which is, turn it into an animated gif. Please enjoy a cyano-kicking donkey curtesy of who is trying to free them, Edward Muybridge who took them (around 1886), the Smithsonian that preserved them (and should free them), and Gickr that did the animated gif heavy lifting. I thought this might be a fun addition to the derivative works that Carl Malamud already compiled with these pictures.

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