Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Battlefield Earth, bad movie, great book, Mitt Romney favorite

You probably couldn't buy the publicity for an old book like Battlefield Earth that Republican candidate Mitt Romney gave it by revealing that it is his favorite book.

The best thing to come out of the discussion is some reasoned defense of the book and post-apocalyptic science fiction in general. BoingBoing pointed to the Joshua Glenn of the Boston Globe's defense of the choice. Apparently, just like Mitt Romney, liking post-apocalyptic fiction makes me a "starry-eyed idealist, someone who believes that another world is possible." I'll take that. It is important to note that we are talking about the book here and not the film. As Candleblog points out about the book "it's a decent post-apocalyptic yarn that any nerdy teen will likely get a kick out of. It's way better than that turd of a film."

I remember reading this tome (it is over 1000 pages) in clumsy paperback form when I was a kid. I also remember my mother worried that I might be converted to Scientology by reading the book. My father, another science fiction fan like myself, shrugged off the possibility. (This would be when I tell you that today I am proud to be a Scientologist and Clear, but no, it didn't happen.) The book is definitely pulp fiction, space opera, adventure science fiction and is perfect for an adolescent boy. It certainly isn't deep science fiction, but not everything can be. I do recommend reading it if you never have.

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