Monday, May 28, 2007 helps us remember on Memorial Day has digitized 90 Million military service records, registration cards, and enlistment records and put them online. The good news is that they are available, the bad news is that they are available free only until D-day June 6th. From the article:
"After June 6, users can pay $155.40 a year for unlimited access to thousands of U.S. record databases, Sullivan said.
Eek! That is a lot for government records that should probably be free, though then they were much less available. I suppose needs to recoup the cost of digitizing and putting them into a database.

During these free days I went and found registration records for my grandfather, Enrico Pizzico, in World War I and World War II. The cool thing is his own signature on the cards. He fought in World War I, but not in World War II (he was too old by then).

Enrico Pizzico World War I

Enrico Pizzico World War II

For World War II, I also found records for two great uncles, Anthony and Joseph Timbario, and two uncles, Gaetano (Bill) and Thomas Pizzico. At one point during World War II, my grandmother had two brothers and two sons fighting all over the world. Though I have my flag flying for all the soldiers that have ever served our country, my uncles are some of the soldiers that I especially think of on Memorial Day.

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