Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sugar Free Jelly Beans are an abomination!

I imagine that if you are unfortunate enough to have diabetes (as runs in my family) these jelly beans might be your only Easter candy alternative and be necessary to being careful about your health. Still taking sugar out of something for which it is the main ingredient must require knowledge of the dark arts.

Don't think this means they are low calorie however, somehow they managed to cram 110 calories per serving. I was unable to figure out what the sweetener was, I was just too shocked to decode the ingredients completely.

I did not buy them. I promise your Easter basket contains some good old-fashioned sugar.

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The Virtual Ranger said...

How right you are! What is it with 'low-fat cheese'; 'nearly 100% fat-free yoghurt'; even Coke-Zero or whatever they call it? If we want healthy food, we ain't gonna be buying Coke and crisps, believe me. We will just have to manage on good old-fashioned apples (with sugar in) and fresh milk (with fat in). And like it.

May your Easter be peaceful, and, if you so wish, have plenty of wholesome full-fat, high-sugar goodies to be consumed by choice, fully informed of the risks and benefits thereof.