Friday, April 27, 2007

Obscure T-shirt references for fun and profit.

As I get older I have given my eccentricities full flower. This t-shirt has an obscure enough reference to eliminate most of the public from understanding it.

Do you know what the kwisatz haderach is and why it might be cool to be one? What does the worm have to do with it? Please comment.

No using google and whirdly is prohibited from giving the answer in the comments though she may claim to know the answer.


The Virtual Ranger said...

I'd be careful - you won't be allowed on any aeroplanes wearing that thing! And the worm looks a bit cute and friendly to be Arrakian...

Richard Koehler said...

The Virtual Ranger wins with sly references that indicate he knows the subject of the T-shirt without ruining it for the slower ones among us.

The spice, the spice.

If only I could come up with a clever contest or something to give away to my fine readers. Where will I find the inspiration.


The Virtual Ranger said...

I used to try making clever contests. Then I found more people entered the really easy ones... and often wrote entertaining things in the process.

But I like your more challenging quizzes. They're fun. I'm still basking in the glory of that thing with the hidden message in the jpg file. That had me really scratching my head! Keep them coming. :)