Monday, April 16, 2007

Fallen Tree

This poor tree was probably 30 ft high at least. The one good thing is that it fell in probably the best direction possible - right back on the lawn, between two driveways and not onto cars and not the opposite direction into the street.

The fallen tree is in Shellburne development in the Brandywine Hundred north of Wilmington, Delaware.

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The Virtual Ranger said...

Poor tree! Seems to have a curious lack of a rootplate. From your pics the roots seem to go sideways but the side it fell away from doesn't look like it had anything to stop it. I wonder if your neighbour has been doing any trenching or digging nearby in the last few years? I've attended numerous such postmortems and in many cases the underlying cause of the failure is some kind of earthworks, often service trenching. The problem being that the damage is not usually apparent for a couple of years... by which time it's too late.