Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Look to the Skies! Help map light polution this month.

GLOBE at Night is having a World Wide Hunt for Stars by asking people to go outside at night from March 8th until March 21st and see if they can see the constellation of Orion, an easily recognizable constellation that makes a good reference. You compare your viewing conditions to a series of samples from the site and add in your location and it is used to build a worldwide map of light pollution. The less of Orion you can see the more light pollution in your area.

I think the magnitude charts are a pretty clever way to help gage light pollution. From my location, I think I can see the same as the magnitude 4 chart (on left). I have not added the trees that block some of my viewing area to the chart at left. That's why in this house I have switched to nature watching rather than sly watching, much of my sky is blocked by nature!

I made my report tonight, how about you? Tell me what you can see and your rough location in the comments.

(via Yahoo News)

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