Saturday, January 06, 2007

Meet the Artist in Santiago

When we were at the Museo de Bellas Artes we were captivated by the work of the artist Sergio Roggerone set off in a gallery off the main hall. He has a modern style, with an almost cartoony flair yet is evocative of baroque and byzantine religious art.

While we were there (11/17/2006) we wanted to get a program of his exhibit and we copied all of the web addresses down in the seemingly impossible hope of acquiring one of these pieces some day. As we hunted down a program, the woman in the gift shop was monopolized by a group. Lynn found the program and starts frantically pointing at the leader of the group in the gift shop. It was Sergio Roggerone himself! That day was the opening of the exhibit so he was there to see it. We got his autograph and information that purchasing the art was possible ( seems to be defunct, don't bother with that one). I do love the chance to meet an artist or author of works which I admire.

Here is my favorite, a triptych called Madona Intergalactica. It is very three dimensional and Byzantine. Unfortunately it is sold.

La Reina Azul - The Blue Queen.

A mermaid.

There were many other interesting works there which can be seen at his website. Please do pardon the quality of my pictures, I had to sneak them with my crappy Treo camera instead of a good one.

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