Sunday, January 21, 2007

Leggings - the new sweatpants

Recent news from Milan makes the case that leggings will be the new fashion trend for men. They claim we will wear them in public no less. I don't own a pair of these even for private. They look like the bottom of long underwear to me. If the trend will be to wear underwear in public then they are right on with this. I may also be a contrarian: telling me something is a must have is a good way to put me off of it.

I imagine this is a case of "giving up" by wearing sweatpants in public a la Seinfeld. Leggings can be the new sweatpants. Men's fashion is a bit of a misnomer since the bulk of us tend to be slobs anyway. Defining fashion to mean whatever crap one throws on to leave the house is one way to reclaim the fashion landscape.


whirdly said...

I agree. Unless you are a competition bicycle racer, men shouldn't wear leggings. But doesn't everyone in the future wear skin-tight body suits? Maybe this is the first step.

The Virtual Ranger said...

This is so wrong. If men want to wear women's clothes that's not a problem - until they call it fashion and insist on others joining in. Fashion designers are constantly trying to 'reinvent' skirts for blokes. With the exception of a few hardy scotsmen this has never caught on, and frankly, I predict the same success for leggings.

Anonymous said...

Most men won't be able to afford the castration surgery required to wear leggings.

RSM said...

Leggings for men is not a new trend - one that's been around for years. It's time to get over the body image constraints and go for the comfort. Just wear them. Leggings are perfect casual wear for women AND men. Having worn leggings for years, I'm aware of people's comments both negative and very positive. After all, it’s not the leggings on the man but the man in the leggings. Everyone looks good in leggings and some people look great!
If more people, women and men, wear leggings then it will just be another apparel choice. At one time denim jeans were worn only by miners digging for gold. Now they are everywhere.
So never say never - when you do decide to wear leggings, choose a well made pair - not with cotton fibers that bag out over time but a high tech fiber that retains its shape. Go for the comfort and support. Leggings that go to the ankle look better than capri style that chop the leg. Plus the full length leggings support you from your ankle to your waist and give you an energetic lift.
I describe UnJeans as the "clothes of the future" for both men and women. My prediction for the future, with the development of wearable electronics and "smart" clothing, the need for form-fitting clothing will be necessary because the predicted power source to run these wearable electronics will be one's own body heat. This isn't that far in the future. A German multi-national company, Infineon, is working on what they call a "Thermogenerator" to do just that - generate an electrical current from a device powered by human body heat.
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