Monday, January 22, 2007

Birthday Cake Cliche and DDR

Saturday I reprised my Dance Dance Revolution birthday party and combined it with an open house. Since there was a new version of DDR out (DDR Ultramix 4) I thought it would be time to update my dance moves. Here we have some guests kicking out the dance steps!

Because we were so busy cleaning up the new house for the party, and whirdly was cooking, I had to go get the beverages. I also had to go buy my cake and even get "Happy Birthday Richard" on it myself. Carvel Ice cream cakes are the best but I was going to use the story that the I was the Richard on the cake (true) and that I was going home to eat it all by myself (wishfully true, but shared with guests) right after they were done with it.

My twin sister who was at a fancy Portuguese dinner instead of the party did point out, "You got to have your cake and eat it too". Clever.

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