Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What is your literary personality?

Given the choices it seems pretty obvious that I would be a college textbook, and that it would be an unflattering description. Knowledge can be such a burden. That will be $34,000 please.

You scored as A college textbook. You're an authority on something, you just know it. Everyone else does, too, but that doesn't mean they like you. Since you think very highly of everything you say, you charge a pretty penny to entertain your listeners. Those forced to pay do so grudgingly and try to defray the costs of learning from you by selling portions of their access to your charms to others. As a result of this speedy dissemination of your knowledge, you constantly add to your repertoire--and then hike your price. Despite your usefulness, which is rarely in doubt, nobody likes you. They find you didactic, boring and irrelevant--but still necessary.

A college textbook




A classic novel


A coloring book


A paperback romance novel


An electronics user's manual


The back of a froot loops box


Your Literary Personality
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(via exploding aardvark, but you knew that alredy didn't you?)

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1 comment:

Dana Garrett said...

I was a classic novelist with being the author of a coloring book a close 2nd.

Poetry was low on the list. The odd thing is I've written many poems and several have been published.

Go figure.