Monday, September 18, 2006

Locked ladies leave locals laughing

Don't laugh, these ladies could be your parents or you someday. Two elderly women were trapped in their car when the battery went dead and they couldn't use the automatic door locks to open the doors. They tried to get the attention of people passing by for assistance and were finally "saved" when a window was broken to get them out. They apparently did not know how to use the manual door locks.

I am immediately reminded of Peter Griffin in the Family Guy episode Petarded:
Lois: Well, now that the mess is all cleaned up and we're back from the emergency room, it's time for the last game of the night, Trivial Pursuit.
Peter: Oh, man. I hate Trivial Pursuit. Always makes me feel so stupid.
Brian: More stupid than that time you locked your keys out of the car?
(flashback, showing Peter sitting in his car):
Peter: Damn it. Hey, hey! Somebody! Hey! (a man walks by the car) Hey, sir! Sir, you see those keys there? Sir? Oh, screw you! (shifts a bent piece of a hanger out of the window. He manages to hook his keys onto it, but the hanger falls off and out of the car. Peter cries)
Here is the scene clip at youtube.

This is life imitating art.

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