Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stuck behind more trucks on Ridge Pike in Norristown

What is this Maier's bread truck doing making a left turn on Ridge Pike in Norristown into the Strohmann bread factory? Shouldn't there be some sort of separation of bread brands?

I now have to add, "Don't get stuck behind a Maier's bread truck making a left turn on Ridge Pike." to my Rules for Living. Used to be you only had to worry about the Strohmann trucks, but my keen senses and pattern recognition skills picked up on bread truck and bread factory, even if the markings and visual cues were contradictory, in plenty of time to move to the right lane and avoid an incident.

Turns out many bread brands are owned by a huge bread conglomerate, George Weston Bakeries, Inc. (mmm, bread conglomerate). Maier's falls under the Strohmann brand with Dutch Country and D'Italiano. Isn't everything made by just one company now anyway.

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