Sunday, August 06, 2006

Siamese Twin Cucumbers

After decrying the cuculoupe abomination, I find my own garden cursed by mutated fruit. Today I picked this Siamese Twin Cucumber, though I think they prefer to be called conjoined twin cucumbers. I am looking for a surgeon or sous chef with the skills to separate them so they can have normal lives.

I suppose this is the type of thing people put up on eBay, but eventually I will just use it in a salad or cucumber soup, or perhaps as a garnish for something to take advantage of its unique cross section.

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The Virtual Ranger said...

Woo, perverse looking... or perhaps it's simply meant for sharing with a friend. In a salad.

Interesting-shaped vegetables and fruit seem to be big business, though, I mean what is the attraction of starfruit, other than the shape? It tastes like nothing special, yet people are willing to pay top banana (!) for it, and cut it into slices to decorate the summer fruit salad. If you could get these bicumbers into production, why, you might be onto something!