Saturday, August 12, 2006

New Crazy Delaware Blue Hen Roundup, now with Zees, Bees, Tips and Flips


Two sleepy gangbangers fell asleep in the drive through at the McDonald's near my house (second item). The helpful officers that came to wake them took them into custody for their own safety, as they had a 9mm handgun, some crack cocaine and a whole lot of money. Get a good night's sleep or carry an alarm clock before you go satisfy your munchies craving after or before your illegal activities.


A bee flew in this drivers window. The distraction, just imagine the arms flailing and swatting at the bee, caused him to cross the center of the road and get into a head-on crash which killed the oncoming driver. Keep your windows closed or let yourself get stung. The accident was in the Chester County, Pennsylvania, which is North of Delaware gets added to the roundup for the bizarreness of the bee involvement.


A bomb scare drove people out of the lovely Riverview Motel in Claymont. Just how lovely is the motel? The bomb was discovered in the secret heroin lab set up in one of the rooms. The good news is the Feds think they may have found the lab producing the bad heroin laced with fentanyl that has been causing overdoses all over Delaware. The other guests at the motel might want to find new travel agents.


Police are still looking for the vandals who flipped a porta potty while a DART bus driver was using it. The poor bus driver suffered a neck fracture and is now paralyzed from the waste down. It sounds funny and looks funny on TV and in cartoons when they flip over the porta-john with some one in it, but the person in it is having no fun. If they find the kids who did it they are going to do actual jail time!

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