Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Integrity" costs Archmere a half mil, while crafty Capano slips parents' names onto a plaque for $200,000

After the recent controversy over putting the Capano family name on their student life building in return for a $1 million donation. Archmere has decided to name the building the McLaughlin/Mullen Student Life Center in honor of two former headmasters.

Capano has reduced his gift from $1 million to $500,000. There are now three plaques for the front of the building that can be reserved for gifts of $200,000. The Capano name will still appear on campus on the plaque for a $200,000 donation in honor of his parents given by Louis Capano, Jr. I wonder if the Archmere parents and alumni realize this. Do they object to the name in lights on a large building on campus, or to it anywhere? Possibly we can finely divide the acceptability of this gift by font size of the name on a building or plaque.

St. Edwards Academy remains unapologetic about accepting $1 million to put the Capano name on one of their buildings.

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