Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Great Corn on the Cobtroversy!

Summertime is corn on the cob time. This generates some controversy around the dinner table since some of us eat the corn across and some of us go around. As with all religious schisms each side is convinced of the rightness of their cause and the heresy of their opponents.

Help settle this controversy by participating in the poll below.

Do you eat your corn...

...around the circumference, eating one ring at a time before proceeding, or ...

...across the long way like a typewriter, completing each row before going on the next;

... some other way?

If you eat your corn different even from the options shown in the poll, I am very concerned, but please leave a comment describing it.

Next corn on the cob controversies, butter or margarine? Salt only, or salt and pepper?

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The Virtual Ranger said...

Is that a graph I see looming on the horizon? Oh, good! An intriguiing question. It takes me back to my distant youth when we would go and pick our own corn-on-the-cob from the field, steam it, and spend ages picking out the thin strands that coat it. Blimey, they were hot. Steamed cobs could sear your mouth off long after they were removed from the pot. Nowadays it seems that most of the maize grown around here goes to feed cattle. I wouldn't know where to go and pick it for human consumption, except from a supermarket shelf.

Anonymous said...

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