Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cliched Star Trek License Plate in Delaware

This Star Trek fan knows no shame and actually chose this license plate. I am sure there will be other Trekkies out there that would kill for this license plate. (BMEUP - Beam me up!)

As long as it isn't a holodeck episode, right?

My favorite show is Futurama, and they have many references to Star Trek throughout the series, including one whole episode as an homage to Star Trek and its extremely scary fans.

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Anonymous said...

Im a big trekkie too, my plate is NCC 0701 thought it might of been taken but luckly my wife who got it for me was supprised it wasnt. but btw cool plate wish Id thought of that

ELbensonjr said...

I'm a serious trekkie as well, my plate is NCC 2121

Still cool plate. (2121 was my ship in Star Fleet if anyone out there remembers that) FIRST FLEET! The First Line of Defense

Anonymous said...

I own "Dr Phlox" :-)