Thursday, June 22, 2006

TRYGOD and TENQGOD license plates in Delaware

I wonder just how effective proselytizing by license plate really is (see YES GOD for another example). This TRYGOD license plate invites me to do just that. I am sure the owner doesn't want me to put him down again if it doesn't work out.

Help me to interpret this one. TENQGOD. The end cue god? Thank you god? Tanka you God (broken Italian English version)? A search of the internets yields an eBayer with that handle, and that's it. They appear to be in Palmdale, California though. What good is a personalized license plate if I don't understand what you are saying to me?

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Mike said...

"Thank you, God" or "Thank you. God"

With an accent.

The Virtual Ranger said...

That's someone trying way too hard. Maybe it's some kind of Christian CB radio slang. You know, like 10-4, 10-20, and all that stuff from the mid-1970s. So that makes 10-Q, God. OK, I'm just wildly speculating that you chaps in America have such a thing as Christian CB radio. You seem the types who might.

Anonymous said...

I think it means they can't ascribe the way they drive to 'using the force, Luke' and are frittering their way blindly to known landmarks as their surplus insurance points dwindle.

Is that some Prosecutor gone soft, meaning only to Try God rather than HangGod or CND GOD? I'll show penitence before God when I want him to assume The Position, by Iuri!

Billy Graham may have a teeming throng, but beat this; a Ten-Queue God. You can arrange like, stadium after stadium of supplicants to address these tentacles. It's an architectural element all good MMORPG programmers learn to use.

411GODGGL maybe
TIAMAT <--spotted

GPS4GOD (I'll tell you where your God says you should be now....)

Of course infixes are always going to be the best unspoofable abbreviations.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was 'difficult to tag' rather than 'unspoofable.'
TAGQGOD (Djj'r weggub. Dummejjigit.)