Monday, June 19, 2006

"Secret" Homeland Security hotline plagued by telemarketers.

Poor Ruth Ann Minner, Governor of Delaware, keeps getting calls from telemarketers on her "secret" Homeland Security Hotline phones. If you only expect the hotline phone to ring when it is a Homeland Security emergency (or the police commisioner from Batman, or Nikita Khrushchev) and what you get instead is a solicitation for changing your long distance service, I expect that can be a little disconcerting. Maybe after a while you stop answering the phone. From the article:
"Every time that phone rings, it's telemarketers," grumbled Gov. Ruth Ann Minner, whose secret homeland defense hot line sits in her office, ringing occasionally with offers of time share condominiums and great deals on long distance.
"I wonder about the security of that line," said Minner, noting that other governors have reported similarly unwelcome intrusions on the hot line phones that are supposed to ring only in the event of a national catastrophe.
The governor asked that all of the phones be put on the Do Not Call Registry. One wonders why the secret Department of Homeland Security phonelines are not so secret. Could someone remind us of why are these guys in charge of our security again?

(Make your own batphone, learn about the cold war hotline, which Khrushchev never actually got to use, and wasn't always a telephone)

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