Monday, June 05, 2006

Psychedelic science fiction collection covers from the sixties and seventies.

While searching for that story by Damon Knight I came across these old science fiction paperbacks with crazy psychedelic covers. The covers always reminded me of the pictures in the background in the Rod Serling series Night Gallery. I remember trying to figure out what story in each collection that the cover pictures were supposed to go with. I don't think it was any of them.

These are the types of science fiction collections I cut my teeth on when I was just starting to read this stuff. The books I was reading were older than I was. I remember many psychedelic, or sarcastic, or clever, or space opera-ish stories. Stories of all stripes. Given the crazy covers I can't believe my parents let me read this stuff. And now I am addicted.

The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 16th Series Edited by Edward L. Ferman in 1967. Cover Art by Karel Thole.

The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 17th Series Edited by Edward L. Ferman in 1968. Cover Art by Meltzer.

World's Best Science Fiction First Series edited by Donald A. Wollheim and Terry Carr in 1965. Cover Art by Jack Gaughan.

The Best from Galaxy edited by Galaxy Magazine Editors in 1972. Cover Art by unknown.

Does anyone remember when paperbacks were only 95 cents? Way back in 1965. That 95 cents is about $5.70 in 2006 dollars. A paperback today is $7.99 but you get twice as many stories. Science fiction stories are deflationary, not inflationary.

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norah gaughan said...

That bottom cover is definitely not by unknown. I am sure it's Dad's work.