Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I can never complain about my Delmarva Power bill again.

The headline "Unnatural gas bill says man owes $14,000" says it all. Delmarva messed up and billed this man $14,000 for his gas bill, far and above the correct amount for his three bedroom home. The first line of the story is hilarious:

"Joe Krakowski was so stunned by his Delmarva Power bill earlier this month that he considered going to a hospital."

They even sucked his bank account dry in an attempt to pay the $14,000 bill because he had automatic payment set up. Krakowski had gotten a new gas meter and that triggered a set of errors that led to the mixup. This miscalculation certainly pails in comparison to my complaints about the 59% electricity hike. I also have a new gas meter, I hope I don't get a bill with a "mistake".

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