Thursday, June 08, 2006

Early Summer/Late Spring flowers in the garden

As the seasons turn another set of plants shows their stuff in my garden. Perennials are the star of late spring. If it would stop raining for more than four hours I would go out and look at them again.

The spirea had an infestation of aphids that was cured with a soapy spray. The ants take these aphids and climb right to the top of the branches just below the flowers. They are little ant herds and the aphids are their cows. In spite of that beautiful demonstration of the circle of life, I got rid of them because I don't want my flowers to be shriveled up like little zombie flowers.

Hypericum is also called St. John's Wort, it makes me happy just to look at it.

Though I have no favorites, this hydrangea comes close to being mine. Here are the first few blooms that are not even completely open yet. Many more to come, I hope.

This plant can be delicate, on the hot days it still wilts, even though it has been in the ground for three years now.

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The Virtual Ranger said...

I love the hydrangea too, although it is often a rather scruffy bush. However, it is an example of local distinctiveness from my home the Isle of Wight. Looking at pink and blue hydrangeas reminds me of the hot, summer days when I would carry my towel down through the Victorian streets, under pollarded plane trees and past fussy hotels and guesthouses down to the broad sandy beach at Sandown. Each of these houses had a front garden with hydrangeas, some with a low wall adorned with shells too. Many of these features are still there today, although quite a few of the hydrangeas and shell walls have been rooted out to create front-garden parking bays.