Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Can't buy me love - No Capano name on Archmere building.

Monday night, after a secret meeting, Archmere academy has changed its mind and will not put the Capano name on a building on the campus. Donations of $1 million to both Archmere and St. Edmund's Academy and a request that buildings be named for the Capano family generated much controversy and a website protesting the naming run by Archmere parents and almuni. Amid cries of selling indulgences and much commenting in the Delaware blogging community, the school has finally bowed to public pressure.

Here is the statement from the school in word format. Apparently, Louis Capano offered the board the opportunity to name the Student Life Center in honor of a religious figure of historic significance to the school. I hope he relented for reason of humility and not because of the controversy generated by the donation and naming request in the first place. Although some seem to think that Archmere repents, rather than Capano. St. Edmund's has not changed its plans.

This is the win-win (or maybe not lose-not lose) scenario that seemed to be the middle ground that most were looking for - the Capano family provides a donation to a worthy cause, and the schools can take the money in what may some day become anonymity of the donor (if people forget). Would that we could have started that way.

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Terry C said...

They backed off because of the negative publicity, that's all.