Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Four years of UFO's in the UK

The United Kingdom has a Freedom of Information act. One of the benefits of this act was the release of four years of reports of UFO sightings to the UK Ministry of Defense. Extracting the data from the .pdf files on these reports yields 449 incidents for our statistical analysis.

The first histogram (click for larger size) shows the frequency of incidents for each hour of the day. Unsurprisingly, over the four years of data, 40% of the sightings are from 9pm to midnight (where a time is given in the report). There is an interesting peak at the 6am hour, perhaps due to people going to work early and having the opportunity to see objects.

The second histogram shows the number of incidents in each month over the four years of the data. There is no clearly discernible pattern, but there is an increase in reports through 2005.The types of incidents and there locations are also provided but have not been extracted from the .pdf files yet. This data comes in anticipation of a report by the UK ministry of defense that concludes that there is no proof of alien life forms. The data above still serves a purpose in determining why and what the cause of these UFO reports could be.

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