Thursday, April 06, 2006

There is no such website, but perhaps there should be. In answer to some naysayers out there, who, like someone drawn to the horror of a car wreck yet repulsed by its graphic nature, read these posts yet question the obsession that generates them, I give some quotes from the lyrics to STYX "Too Much Time on My Hands":
"Too much time on my hands, it's ticking away with my sanity
I've got too much time on my hands, it'’s hard to believe such a calamity
I'’ve got too much time on my hands and it's ticking away from me
Too much time on my hands, too much time on my hands
Too much time on my hands"
"Well, I'’m a jet fuel genius - I can solve the world's problems
Without even trying
I have dozens of friends and the fun never ends

Too much time on my hands, take it away, take it away."
I'll save Mr. Roboto for another day.


The Virtual Ranger said...

Ah, on the Internet everyone is a critic. Relatively few are bold enough to also contribute positively to the world of content on the web. This blog is one such oasis of interesting and positive comment. Keep the hypocrisy flowing!

whirdly said...

Don't listen to the haters. They're just jealous of your internet fame.

ookbaoom said...

How about another website...