Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spelling Songs or Songs that Spell

"Yankee Doodle Dandy", the George M. Cohan story was on cable the other night. One of the many songs from the movie is "Harrigan", which George (James Cagney) and Mary sing at the beginning of their solo careers to potential backers for their show. The song is sung with a heavy Irish accent and involves spelling - "H A double R I G A N spells Harrigan". Can you think of some other songs in which spelling is an integral part?

Please sing along -

R E S P E C T, find out what it means to me. (Otis Redding or Aretha Franklin)

R A G G M O P P, Ragg Mopp (by the Ames Brothers)

S (S) A (A) F (F) E (E) T (T) Y (Y) Safety Dance (Men without Hats)

S A T U R D A Y Night, S A T U R D A Y Night - Saturday Night, Saturday Night (Bay City Rollers)

This S*** is bananas, B A N A N A S. (Gwen Stefani)

Of course a Google search on this topic first got me a list of songs to help me spell. I'm not saying I don't need the help, it's just that wasn't the focus of my search. Here is a list (Songs that spell it out) you can contribute to, they appear to have hundreds.

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Bex said...

Hey Bro..first off, I'm a little pissed that you didn't call your favorite sister that "Yankee Doodle Dandy" was on TV. Come on, you know it's one of the best song being "Mary"!

Okay, your subject, "Spelling Songs"'s one, New Edition's "Popcorn Love"..."P is for her personality, O is for her originality and the other P is for the perfect love she gives to me. The C is just 'cause she loves me, the O means she's the only love I've got and the R and the N, our love will never end."

I'm done...this was fun!