Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gnashing Gnats Gnaw Gnarled Gnostic Gnome's Gnus

My earlier clever headline begs for more word games with gnostic. Think of all those great words that start with"gn".
  • Gnashing gnats gnaw gnarled gnostic gnome's gnus.
I have to remember to play some of these "gn" words in my next Scrabble game.

We can also put together some sentences with words that have unexpected starting consonants.
  • Knapping knaves knock knurled knight's knives knowingly.
  • Tsarist Tsunamis.
We can mix it up - different letters all"n" sounds.
  • Needing neither mnemonics nor pneumatically kneaded gneiss gnomens.
Or just go crazy.
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The Virtual Ranger said...

Is the beginning of words enough? I thought I ought to have brought out the thought-provoking tough sentence wrought thus: "the rough-coated, dough-faced ploughman wandered thoughtfully, coughing and hiccoughing, through the streets of that doughty borough Loughborough on his way to the lough."

whirdly said...

My favorite is gnocchi . . . yummy!