Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl LiveBlogging at Half time

I thought the Rolling Stones were dead! But apparently they're singing there hearts out. No lipsyncing for these veterans. It probably would have been cool to be one of the people in the tongue. The famous Rolling Stones tongue was a giant piece of fabric that was removed to reveal a mosh pit full of aging baby boomers and their kids.

By the way, the game is Steelers 7, Seahawks 3 which is good because the Steelers are winning but bad because I think a whole lot of people were expecting a little more scoring. My Superbowl pool is sunk!

Most traumatic moment so far - some Seattle player getting his groin taped, ouch!

Best commercial - Kermit the Frog and extreme sports, even though he is a total sellout to Ford for their hybrids now. Not only is it easy being green now, he should rake in some green for this one. (I know he isn't real, I am talking about whoever owns the rights to his use.)

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Anonymous said...

you should be drinking not blogging at half time