Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy 10,000th page view with data analysis.

Not too long ago I welcomed my 1000th view on this blog, It had taken a long time to get there and I thought it would take forever to get to the next postmarker (2000). However I suggested a link to BoingBoing which got picked up by them and that generated a lot of new traffic. Welcome everyone. The new traffic has blasted me through to the 10,000 mark in about two weeks.

Using the data from the counter at the bottom of the page, I calculated an initial spike of 3200 unique visitors, an exponential decay with a half life of about a day. By now most of the big excitement is gone, but I have 20 more unique visitors a day (39 average vs. 9 before Dec 14th) than I used to. See the graph for more details. The red dots are the number of unique page views for each day, the blue line is the simple exponential plus averages fit to the data as described above.

The other useful result of the new visits is that some folks have actually linked to my blog, and I hope to keep the new audience interested enough to continue to do so. The Business Opportunities weblog was inspired by some work done by Tristan Louis to use the number of links to a blog at Technorati to calculate the cost of a blog, presumably to advertisers. Mine is worth $6,209.94, which is $6,209.94 more that it was worth a few weeks ago. I doubt I could use this "asset" as collateral though.

My blog is worth $6,209.94.
How much is your blog worth?

I do try to keep the meta-posts to a minimum here because I am trying to add some new stuff to the internet, rather than parroting others. So there are posts, then posts about posting (meta-posts), then posts about posting about posting (which is really a post about posting, so only posts and meta-posts). Thanks for your patience.

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