Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blinded by the (LED Christmas) lights!

We went to enjoy the Christmas Lights at Longwood Gardens last week. They had one tree with the new LED Christmas Light technology, and boy did those lights look like they were strobing at me at 60 Hz. It was painful and it hurt my eyes.

I am not alone in my concern, Andrew comments on the same thing in his Dec 3rd entry. Planet Christmas, way back in October, suggests that the time has come for these LED lights. I hope not, because then Christmas will become the season of headaches, migraine auras and latent epileptic seizures due to these strobing lights. A Slashdot commenter sees the possibility of harnessing the strobing and suggests using the LED Christmas lights as an emitter for a build your own optical data link.

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nethawk said...

I just bought several sets of LED lights this year and they now have rectifiers built in to convert the AC into DC, eliminating the "strobing" problems. The rectified sets were not any more expensive than the AC-driven sets that I bought a couple of years ago.