Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A very small taste of Hurrican Katrina to make us remember

This past Sunday we had an impromptu outdoor mass because the power was out for the whole block where the church is. Granted the whole block is the church and rectory so it was our problem. Our pastor told us of the situation and the plans to fix it, though it will take money we would rather spend on the community.

It gave us a little perspective on the difficulties of those affected by Hurrican Katrina. We only had a little trouble to overcome, imagine the hardship down along the Gulf Coast. Of course, like Governer Haley Barbour of Mississippi, I slept in a warm bed last night and had a hot shower this morning, so our troubles are light.

The pastor allowed the power outage to seque into a discussion of the victims of Katrina and our responsibility to help them. There will need to be time to unnderstand why the nation was unprepared but the time to help is now. There was a special collection in Diocese of Wilmington specifically for Catholic Charities for this purpose.

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