Monday, August 01, 2005

Space workers unite!

I wonder if construction in space will ever become common enough that they will form there own union? This past weekend the crew of the Space Shuttle replaced a gyroscope on the International Space Station and did some construction work in space. They performed a space walk and there is some cool footage on NASA internet TV.

In the meantime, scientists are increasing the scope of NASA's future missions by discovering potentially planet sized objects beyond Pluto in the Solar System. They totally spin the story by saying a "Tenth Planet" has been discovered. How many times can they do that before we stop getting burned? I am not going to get all weak kneed at the possibility that these objects are larger than Pluto and constitute a tenth or eleventh planet, until the study is confirmed. Back when Sedna was discovered, it was explained that the Oort cloud is a big place and that there is likely a whole family of objects with a distribution of sizes, of which Pluto is on the large end, floating out there, waiting to be discovered.

I hope some day we can go out to see them.

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