Monday, July 25, 2005

Other Fans of They Might Be Giants are out there!

On the web, someone has already thought of it, already put together a website glorifying it and gathered up a cadre of like minded people to do a better job of it that you can every imagine. Case in point the photos and the wiki below about They Might Be Giants.

I had such a great time at the They Might Be Giants concert on Penn's Landing in Philadelphia on Saturday that I though I would go see if other people had commented on the concert already. A variety of Google searches didn't get me any specific comments but Flickr already had a lot of folks that put up picture from the They Might Be Giants Concert. I can't point us out to you on them because I am close to the stage and not quite in any of the pictures, but we were there. Go see dougward's photos, or Sarcasmo's photos, or I am a Librarian's photos.

For more information than you could ever need, want, or imagine about They Might Be Giants, please use this TMBG wiki. Info on the TMBG concert in Philadelphia is there as well.

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