Monday, July 11, 2005

Michigan lighthouse pictures taken with Treo camera enhanced by roadside telescope!

Using the crappy Treo camera and a lot of patience I was able to take pictures through the sightseeing telescope at a rest stop near Gros Cap on the way to the Macakinac bridge on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This one is the St. Helena's Island lighthouse. I think the picture turned out surprisingly well. Also this saves me getting on a boat and taking hours and hours to visit the lighthouse in person in order to "count" it as seen.

Here is a ship just before it crosses in front of White Shoal Light. This lighthouse is painted like a red and white candy cane but you can't see it that well in this photo. Cut me some slack I took with the Treo through a telescope that cost 50 cents to operate. This isn't Ansel Adams. For more and better pictures and info try here, here and here. For preservation info look here. Other people have this same obsession and better cameras and web design skills.

Finally I knock off two lighthouses in one shot with the above picture of the Waugoshance Shoal and Grey's Reef Lightstations in one shot across St. Helena Island. This is great because I am very unlikely to visit these in person.

Above you can see why I needed the telescope, that lighthouse on St. Helena is tiny. Luckily there was a convenient telescope nearby and I had two quarters. That was four, count them, four lighthouses in one 15 minute rest stop. I hope you enjoyed my crappy Treo camera magic.

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