Friday, July 29, 2005

Googlize your blog title - or anything

Everybody is doing it so I though I would hop on the bandwagon. I went to a page to Googlize my blog title.

Isn't it lovely. Don't bother searching for anything from The Honest Hypocrite on Google, though. I am nowhere to be found. Searching for The Honest Hypocrite on Yahoo has me as the second link. I am sure that those of you out there that are knowledgeable of these things can tell me why. I suspect that because no one is linking to me that Google won't find me, but that Yahoo has found me because I added the RSS feed to My Yahoo page.

I am not sure if I care. I must because I looked, but it is up to the world to find me interesting to generate the links. I remember taking great pains to search the name before I titled the blog so that there wouldn't be obvious overlap and then later I found, oops. He seems really interested in math so he can't be all bad.

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