Tuesday, July 26, 2005

All these videogames, and she wants to play Tetris!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have finally taken the plunge and become a poseur gamer. I have been enjoying my X-box but I don't seem to find too much time to play with it because I work for a living and have a life to live, pesky things like that. My fiance warmed up to the idea of the system after she saw how advanced the games have become. "Destroy All Humans" serves as an example. Yet with all of this advanced technology she is truly only happy with Tetris.

I can't stand Tetris so I would rather have someone play it for me. On "Attack of the Show" they highlighted an efforts to combine artificial intelligence and Tetris. You can download the program and have it play Tetris in front of you at an enormously accelerated rate (clearing 160 rows/second for instance). I, for one, would like to be the first to welcome our artificial intelligence Tetris playing overlords.

I figure since I started the programon my computer, I get to claim the score. It went to 8,000,000 before I shut it down. Beat that! Luddite, un-enhanced human Tetris players!


whirdly said...

Can you even see any details or is it just a blur?

Besides, I LIKE Tetris!

Richard Koehler said...

Whirdly - you can speed up or slow down the simulation at will. Just download it and have some fun.