Saturday, June 25, 2005

Time in the garden

Lettuce should not be this tall. We had some very hot weather in the spring. It was above 90 for a week or two. That weather made all of my lettuce bolt, when it sprouts tall and sets seed. Then the lettuce isn't good to eat anymore and lettuce season is done until fall.

My tomatoes should be this tall and even get taller. I have roma plum, grape, and a yellow pear varieties growing this year. There is some fruit but they are not ready yet. Soon. I can't wait.

I also have some herbs, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines (OK you can call them eggplants), and best of all, brussels sprouts. I am going to try growing cantelope as well. We shall see how that goes.

What do you readers have growing in your gardens this year that you are looking forward to?


Kate said...

Hello :)

Nice mutant lettuces! I live in England and we only get teeny ones. Which is fine with me because I couldn't eat a whole one ;)


Richard Koehler said...

In reply to reader kate: Certainly, growing tall (mutant) lettuce was not my intention. But when it gets to be 90F (32C) too early, mother nature takes over and the lettuce says it is time to grow tall and spread seeds all over. These poor guys were yanked out because the season was done.