Monday, June 27, 2005

Tiki gods can be so accomodating

My nephew's birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday nephew! The cool part of the party was the impromptu tiki and polynesian theme inspired by these tiki god lights.

I decided his name was Molok and he seemed to be an angry tiki god. We had a great barbeque and we ate brithday cake on plates with Molok's face on them and wiped our faces with napkins with Molok's angry face on them.

I am concerned that we have angered the great Molok and that this will require throwing someone into his holy volcano as a sacrifice and appeasement.

More constructively you could get this really cool tiki usb drive. Remember that Brady Bunch episode where they went to Hawaii and found the tiki idol and had all the bad luck? Yeah, me neither.

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